Holidays are often the hardest times of the year for those for those struggling with life controlling issues as those issues normally cause distance in families. You can help to fill the gap this Thanksgiving and Christmas by pouring out the love of Christ on those served at The Foundry through a variety of serve opportunities.

Get Started Today!

  1. Pick an opportunity that interests you.
  2. Follow the next steps outlined for your area of interest.
  3. Get ready to make a difference!



For about $30, you can fill a Box of Hope and feed a family in need this Thanksgiving.

  1. Pick Up Box
    Pick up box from The Foundry Women’s Center, Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  2. Fill Box
    Purchase items on the shopping list and fill the box. Write a note and provide a daily devotional book for the family receiving the box.
  3. Deliver Box
    Deliver box and $15 Check, which will help provide a turkey to accompany your box, to The Foundry Women’s Center by November 10.

Find out more information here.


Distribute Boxes of Hope to neighbors in need following our community Thanksgiving lunch.

Date: Tuesday, November 14th
Time: 1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Location: The Foundry Community Outreach Center
Maximum Volunteers: 30
Tasks: Registration, box distribution, fellowship with those receiving boxes

Click here to let us know you’re interested in serving!
All volunteers must reserve a spot prior to the event in order to serve.


Gifts of Hope

Create a Christmas to remember by purchasing gifts for the children of those in our Addiction Recovery and Prison Re-entry programs. Click here for more information.

Find more information here.

Notes of Hope

Bring a little Christmas cheer to the men and women in our program by writing and delivering Christmas cards. Great project for kids!

  1. Choose one or more programs to support with your cards
    a. Women’s Recovery: 56 women
    b. Men’s Recovery (Bessemer): 132
    c. Men’s Recovery (Cullman): 80
    d. Men’s Re-entry: 56
  2. Purchase Christmas cards of your choice or create your own.
  3. Decorate and/or write a short uplifting message in each card.
  4. Let us know when you would like to deliver your cards.
    a. Email
    b. Cards will be given to program participants by way of program staff.

Christmas Stockings

Stuff stockings full of Christmas goodies for impoverished elementary school children.

  1. Choose an amount of stockings to commit to filling.
  2. Choose a gender and age range (5-7 or 8-10).
  3. Let us know you’ll be filling stockings by completing this quick form!
  4. Fill stockings with gender and age related items. Suggestions:
    a. Crayons/markers
    b. Mini puzzle/game
    c. Bubbles
    d. Chalk
    e. Stickers
    f. Mini-play doh
    g. Bouncy ball
    h. Magic towels
    i. Go fish cards
    j. Tooth brush
    k. Tooth paste
    l. No food or candy
  5. Deliver your stockings no later than Friday, December 15th.

Throughout the Holidays

Bake and Take

Bake an assortment of your favorite cookies, cakes, or pies for our program participants to enjoy during the holiday season.

  1. Choose one or more programs to prepare desserts for.
    a. Women’s Recovery: 56 women
    b. Men’s Recovery (Bessemer): 132
    c. Men’s Recovery (Cullman): 80
    d. Men’s Re-entry: 56
  2. Schedule a time to deliver or serve your desserts.
    a. Email to schedule.
    b. Desserts can be dropped off at the scheduled time or you may choose to set-up a time to serve your desserts to the program participants. Serving times are available upon request.

Party for a Purpose

Bring hope to the hurting while hosting your holiday party by asking your guests to donate a designated item to The Foundry.

Choose the item(s) that you would like to collect at your holiday party.

  1. Let your guests know what to bring.
  2. Communicate with us and we will provide any Foundry materials you would like to have available for your guests (i.e. informational brochures, etc.).
  3. Schedule a time to deliver your items. Email us at