Homelessness, hunger and heartache can become harsh realities for men who are addicted.  Self-destructive habits may have cost them their jobs and they can no longer afford a place to live.  Or they’ve been asked to leave their homes because of the negative impact their lifestyle is having on their families.  Their health also suffers as their behaviors lead to a dangerous disregard for nutrition, and they’re often unaware of how they’re abusing their bodies and minds.  Regardless of the roles they once might have held as fathers or professionals, day-to-day survival now becomes their life’s sole purpose.

Our campuses in Bessemer and Foundry Farm in Cullman provide these broken souls with clean, safe shelter, a wholesome diet, appropriate clothing and personal-hygiene products, and necessary medical and dental care.  Then, when life’s essentials have been met and program participants have regained physical strength, they’re ready to take the first steps toward overcoming addictions and discovering their God-given potential.

Christ-centered Curriculum


Our Christ-centered curriculum includes one-on-one counseling to address life and relationship issues and case managers assist program participants in mapping out a plan to live free from addiction outside The Foundry walls.  Bible study, prayer and worship help men discover God’s purpose for their lives, and classroom curriculum includes training in personal and practical skills that empower them to return to society as stable and responsible members of their families and communities.  Employment-readiness is an integral and required part of our program, as well.  By performing jobs in our Thrift Stores , Auto Sales and Auto Service Center , maintenance, food services and administrative departments, program participants develop discipline, responsibility and structure. They learn trades and marketable skills that equip them with the tools necessary for better-paying jobs.

In our Education Center program participants focus on adult education, academic development and increasing employment potential.  We provide GED preparation and assistance with writing résumés and honing interviewing skills.  Once they complete the program and find jobs, program participants may apply to our transitional housing at Changed Lives Christian Center where we continue to provide support and accountability as they progress to independent living.

Individual and Family Restoration

The recovery process promotes family reconciliation through worship services and our FIRST (Families in Recovery Seeking Truth) Program to help family members more effectively support their loved ones in recovery. FIRST takes place the second Sunday of every month at 2 p.m. at The Women’s Recovery Center.  Contact first@localhost/foundry-live for more information.

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