Be Part of the Story

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It was not pretty. And definitely not fancy or shiny or glowing in any way. Sometimes a sheep would end up on the roof of the stable. The donkey was often front and center. The standing wise men and Joseph toppled frequently on their sides. Baby Jesus seemed to wander…

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The Foundry Way

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In 2015, we adopted three key areas to focus on for the next three years to help fulfill our mission to permanently transform lives through Christ-centered ministries. 1. Quality Programs: Since focusing on the quality of our programs, we have implemented The Foundry Way, which consists of five components to completely…

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Yada Even the Fleas

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How do we find an attitude of gratitude when life sucks? When things don’t go our way? When the train is stuck on the tracks and we can’t get to where we need to go? Or our kids won’t speak to us? Or we get a bad diagnosis from the doctor? Or the checkbook math isn’t making sense and our bills pile up?

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