Many people like to talk a lot about the “issues” of homelessness . . . addiction . . . poverty.  But at The Foundry Ministries, we don’t focus on an “issue.”  We zero in on the real people who are affected by these challenges and help them find real change through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

A New Life of Promise and Hope

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Cathie started using drugs at a party. “Everybody was doing it,” she says. In her early 20s at the time, she had no idea how addiction would come to rule her life. She built relationships with men who shared her habit, but they didn’t last. She stopped using when she…

A Time for Peace and Healing

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Throughout his childhood, Danny says, “My parents gave me their heart and soul and tried everything possible to keep me off drugs.” But as a teenager, his curiosity prevailed and he was introduced to crack cocaine. Danny rode motorcycles competitively and hoped to build a career from the sport. But…

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Hearts of Hope 2017 Be encouraged and inspired by the stories of Laura Jo, Chelsey and Alyson, graduates of The Women's Recovery Program at The Foundry Ministries. We invite you...

A Gift of Joy and Peace

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“I’ve never been arrested… I’ve never been in trouble… I’ve never used hard-core drugs,” Megan says. But for the past 10 years, after an accident she suffered when she was 18, “I’ve been chemically, mentally and physically addicted to prescription pain medications.” Her substance abuse impacted every area of her life. The mother…

A God Inspired Foundation

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“I was an alcoholic and very depressed. I’d battled addiction for 15 years. Crying out for help, I tried to take my own life.” Even after 20 years, these memories are still vivid for Tony Collier, a member of the first graduating class of The Foundry Ministries’ Recovery Program. In…

When I Needed You Most

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Derek was raised by his grandma in a small, close-knit town. “It was barbecue and football,” he says, recalling a picture-perfect childhood. But by age13, drugs had entered the picture too. As he grew older, addiction consumed his life. He needed drugs to wake up. He chose drugs over food….